Any VITA record can have a mystery question associated with it including group and exhibit records!).

It’s easy to promote your mysteries and invite users to answer your questions, add new information, or fill in information gaps about the local history items online…

Learn more about different approaches to adding mysteries and crowdsourcing answers here!


Creating exhibits can be done from anywhere and is a great way to engage students, volunteers or staff.

It’s easy! Choose your page layouts, then select, describe and link related items from inside and outside your collection. Every exhibit can be modified with a unique style and branding, but they are also featured, linked, and fully searchable within your VITA site.

Exhibits are great for providing context and connections about your collections. Create exhibits that highlight…

or just have fun and tell some stories!

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Let’s drive some traffic to your Digital Newspaper Collections!

Who’s looking?

People near and far use online newspaper collections. They are an important resource for researchers, genealogists, students and the curious. Site traffic to online newspaper collections comes mainly from Google, the ODW Search portals and links from your local history web pages and social media threads. Why not reach out more? While you’re working remotely, you can do even more to promote your online newspaper collections!

Follow these tips and download the infographic!

Everywhere you look, the Coronavirus is affecting us. Empty streets, safety precautions, signs of hope and community caremongering – with VITA Toolkit you can invite your community to share their experiences and build today’s local history collections…

Many of our partners are activating their Contribution module to collect stories and photos from their community, including these public libraries: Cook Memorial, Milton, Newmarket, Kawartha, Whitby, and the Cobourg Museum Foundation, among others!

It’s spring, and that means spring-cleaning time. If you’re thinking about refresing the look and feel of your VITA Digital Toolkit site, we can help!

Our helpsite has tons of useful resources we’ve written about how to navigate and customize the front-end of VITA. We’ve also added some example resources from other VITA members who have graciously shared templates, posters, event plans, and other documents you can learn from.

Last week we attended the Ontario Library Association SuperConference in Toronto. We love getting the chance to catch up with VITA members and show off our newest upgrades.

Besides our usual Expo Hall booth, we shared research in a few ways. Our practicum student Tiffany Luk presented a poster about web traffic to VITA newspaper collections, and ODW Media Coordinator Allana Mayer led a session on our 2018 survey of digitization in Ontario public libraries.

Grab a copy of our full report, the slides from our presentation, and a list of digitization resources. They’re on our website now!