The possibilities are endless

  • Multimedia collections
    Multimedia collections
    Upload images, text objects, video and audio files for multimedia browsing and discovery about your local history
  • Carousel view for details
    Carousel view for details
    Displays multiple details with carousel viewer for more intuitive navigation. Custom label for each detail are linked as part of the carousel menu!
  • Timeline
    Build interactive timelines using items from your collection and external items to embed or add as a page to your exhibits
  • IIIF viewer for pages and JP2
    IIIF viewer for pages and JP2
    Beautiful new IIIF page viewer means you can upload full images and pages as JPG2000 format for pan-zoom and rotation views. Perfect for detailed views or dense materials like scrapbooks!
  • Streaming Audio with Transcription
    Streaming Audio with Transcription
    Streaming audio player with chapter-level transcription makes oral histories come alive~users can keyword search and read along in real time
  • Multipage objects
    Multipage objects
    Scrapbooks, brochures, ledgers, etc: the multipage viewer lets users browse from page to page and rotate to see everything on every leaf.
  • Reverse & details images
    Reverse & details images
    Include reverse images for postcards and other detail views in the same record to fully represent collection items.
  • Community crowdsourcing
    Community crowdsourcing
    People can upload their photos and stories and add collection items right on your site.
  • 3D display
    3D display
    Include 3 dimensional objects and add animated views for interactive, up-close display of sculpture, artefacts, and more…
  • Fully French interface
    Fully French interface
    French language interface toggles to English from every screen for a fully bilingual experience
  • Streaming video
    Streaming video
    Lets users watch video clips without downloading or navigating away from your site
  • Using groups
    Using groups
    Present relevant sub-collections for your end users, or use non-public groups for editorial processes
  • Exhibits
    Build stories around and about your collection using the Virtual exhibit module