Definition of terms

Account (Subscriber)
As distinct from a User account in VITA, the Subscriber account includes the usage by the Subscriber in terms of number of records created, agency-site relationships, amount of storage used and/or number of newspaper pages uploaded.
The term used in VITA to describe the organization (or individual) that the Subscriber represents. The Agency “name” is the value that appears on each publicly displayed record associated with the Agency. There may be one or more views (or “Sites”) in which the Agency’s records appear, possibly alongside other Agencies’ records
End user
A person in the public sphere who encounters and/or interacts with a collection site or object created through VITA.
Previously known as Our Ontario, OurDigitalWorld is a not for profit organization that provides cutting edge technologies for creation and discovery of cultural heritage materials online, including the VITA Toolkit Service.
The public interface through which an agency or multiple agencies’ collections are displayed and can be searched, browsed and discovered by end users.
Site manager
Also known as Site Administrator, the Site Manager is an individual user authorized by the Subscriber to act on its behalf to administer changes and updates to specific site(s) associated with its agency.
An entity—organization or individual(s)—that subscribes to the VITA Toolkit Service provided by OurDigitalWorld and who is responsible for maintaining the account and is accountable for the intellectual content of records uploaded to their agency in VITA.
A person with a login and password who uses the VITA toolkit to create and manage records, upload content and otherwise manage content according to their Security level in VITA.
Acronym for Video, Image, Text, Audio. A web based software for creating and managing multi-media digital collections. Part of the VITA Toolkit Service.
VITA Toolkit Network
The centralized communication, user forum and support tool for VITA Toolkit users.
VITA Toolkit Service
VITA is a hosted web service that provides data management software, hosting, a discovery layer and website for online digital collections and objects.