Release notes

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VITA 5.3…

VITA 5.3 new options for public view and working with groups

  • “Print text” button captures user-friendly record content
  • Add your credit line to JPG2000s
  • Interactive “Order reproduction” link on records
  • Image-based OCR snippets for JPG2000 pages
  • Add thumbnail images for external links
  • Use Groups to give Associate agencies full attribution
  • Show/Hide Shared groups in data management







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VITA 5.2…

VITA 5.2 enhancing views and opportunities for user engagement:


  • Search/Browse contributor name
  • JP2 viewer and upload for details and pages
  • YouTube embed option for all plan types
  • Detail image carousel & labels
  • “Order reproduction” button option







VITA 5 includes new features for discovery and interaction:


  • “Contribution” module to gather personal stories and items from the public
  • “My favourites” bookmarking for end users
  • Dynamic Group displays for sub-collections
  • Exhibit contents optimized for global discovery
  • Multiple geolocations for identifying geo-historical information