Historical Societies

Take storytelling to new heights

Cultivate community memory

  • Mystery Questions
    Don’t know something about an item? Just ask! The mystery question feature encourages users to share what they know.
  • User comments
    Whether they’re answering a question or simply thrilled to add some snippet of information they might have, your story will only grow with their help!
  • Community crowdsourcing
    People can upload their photos and stories and add collection items right on your site.

Precise real-time viewing of historical locations

Add location & pinpoint address, then let the public interact and “visit” the site on their home browser. Like being there!

  • Add location screen

    Add international location

  • Pinpoint exact location

    Pinpoint exact location

  • Interactive public map

    Interactive public map

  • Collection results

    Bring together collection results

  • View results in Google Earth

    View results in Google Earth

  • Streeview historic locations

    Streeview historic locations

Give collections historical perspective with virtual exhibits

  • Local history
    Tell the story of your collection, an event or about your town–it’s up to you! The photo essay module lets you style, select, and structure each page and all its content.
  • Local highlights
    Use the virtual exhibit module to highlight local businesses, events, families, and more.
  • Customizable content
    Use simple embed codes to add interactive features like zoomified images, audio or video clips as part of any exhibit

Local records, global discovery

  • Cool views
    VITA’s technology means your collection can be discovered from anywhere and viewed in other cool applications like GoogleEarth, MapQuest, and more…
  • News indexes
    Simple news indexes are full text searchable and results can be faceted for easy navigation.
  • Multipage objects
    Scrapbooks, brochures, ledgers, etc: the multipage viewer lets users browse from page to page and rotate to see everything on every leaf.

Oral histories, walking tours, and interviews enhance your local history

Oral histories

Video clips

Local History Series

Local History Series

The power of statistics

  • Site analytics for traffic tracking
    Your online collection traffic is tracked by powerful analytics software. The colourful, comprehensive reports are great resources for encouraging donations, grants and other support.
  • Sponsors
    Encourage local and long-distance support by spotlighting sponsors of your project right on your site. Your acknowledgement drives traffic to their sites too.

Working alone? Working with others?

  • Single organization site
    Working alone? Don’t have a website? VITA is a cost effective, complete solution for organizations of all sizes. Build your web presence all in one space with custom web pages, powerful collection search & discovery options, social media and user contribution options!
  • Collaborative site
    Working with others? VITA provides collaborative project partners with custom site(s) and powerful collection management tools
  • Acknowledgements & Thanks
    Recognize partnerships, sponsorship or grants in the customizable footer for persistent aknowledgement throughout your site.

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