VITA in the words of our clients

I’ve been using OurOntario.ca to search for my ancestors and have found some great images that I would never have seen without it.

– Genealogy Blogger

The local newspaper has always been a vital source of information for genealogy and local history research. The OurOntario.ca newspaper archives has given the public access to information that had previously only been available by spending countless hours in front of a microfilm reader with no way to search by subject or words. OurOntario.ca has made a researchers’ dream come true. Thank you to all those involved.

– Sharon Mulcaster, Old Time Corner

The breadth of reach and scope of content make [OurOntario] either directly relevant or potentially relevant to everyone in Ontario. Knowing that such a wide variety of information for and about Ontario is being captured, and preserved, (and more importantly is more available for everyone), is a critical part of developing “knowledge”. Knowledge empowers in ways we may never have been conceived.

– Ron Ward, University of Guelph

The Grey Highlands Public Library has digitized two local newspapers dating back to the 1880s. This wonderful resource is a gold mine for people researching local and family history. We have received comments from around the world regarding this database made available with the VITA toolkit.

– Wilda Allen, CEO Grey Highlands Public Library

I am very excited to be able to present historical photographs from our London Room collection to the public in such a user friendly format and in one powerful searchable database. How amazing is that! These photographs have been buried treasure in a cabinet, now they are available to all!

– Jill Waterbury, London Public Library

After 3 years of fruitless efforts to digitize our collection of video interviews with local seniors, we are thrilled to see material posted to our site. This really makes us part of the wider community.

– Pam Charron, Head, Clara & Maria Public Library

I have used services from OurOntario for both current and historical newspaper
support, and have found them to be invaluable for opening up the heritage captured in the pages of
my publication, which has chronicled the lives of the people in my community since 1895. Ontario
has a very rich community newspaper tradition and it is great that there is an organization that is
focusing on bringing this content forward.

– Laurie Brett , Essex Free Press

To create such a database and web presence [like VITA] would have taken a great amount of time to develop internally. OurOntario not only provided a great alternative but they also allowed us to remain on top of new technologies, they did this for the benefit of the user and without prompting.

– David Sharron, Archivist, Brock University Special Collections & Archives