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Check out the VITA Help site, a one-stop site covering all basic and sophisticated VITA workflows for users at every stage


  • Manuals IconComplete, comprehensive documentation for every step of your workflow

  • Site management manual screenshot

    Site management manual: A-Z for site managers

  • Agency management manual screenshot

    Agency management manual: settings and action items

  • Data management manual screenshot

    Data management manual: step-by-step metadata record creation

  • Text object management manual screenshot

    Text object management manual: PDFs, clippings and more

  • Newspaper management manual screenshot

    Newspaper management manual: publications, issues, pages & index records

  • Virtual exhibit manual screenshot

    Virtual exhibit manual: stories & subcollections

Full manuals are updated for every aspect of using VITA — step by step instructions with screenshots

Toolkit Community

No one wants to reinvent the wheel but everyone’s wheel is slightly different, that’s why our Toolkit Network space includes lots of sharing opportunities: infographics, your marketing ideas & press announcements, project document & policy templates, and more.

Subscribing to VITA means joining a flow of activity. Your toolkit equals your toolkit community.

VITA Help Site