We are thrilled to say that we’ve finished the restore process for our VITA Toolkit partner sites. All sites are now back online, and your search results should be working. You may discover an occasional item record that fails to load as we finish restoring some of the biggest files in our collections. If you visit […]

Due to an unexpected service interruption, some of our VITA Toolkit digital collections are offline. We are working diligently to restore these collections for public search and discovery. Many are now back online, but as a result of this, you may encounter some links to an “offline” message either on individual VITA Toolkit sites or […]

Our team has upgraded the platform and moved all your content and site settings over to the newest version of VITA. Lots of changes are behind-the-scenes – you’ll notice a faster and easier VITA without having to learn anything new! Members using the default CSS templates for their sites will see some display changes, as […]

We love seeing what our member organizations are up to and how they use VITA in creative ways. Here’s a few we’ve profiled on the ODW blog recently:   VITA and the library as publisher The County of Brant Public Library released their story anthology, Place Settings, using their VITA platform to host the eBook as a […]

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